How do I contact your company if my question was not answered?

Please email us at shop@kameleonswim.com or message our live chat in the bottom right (open 8am-8pm PST). We'd be more than happy to help with whatever you need!

Does our store have any coupons or promotions?

Yes! You can find the latest coupons here: wethrift.com or by searching "Kameleon Swim discount codes" into a search engine.

Where do you guys ship to?

We ship to every country! Click our live chat in the bottom right if you are having any issues!

What is your return/exchange policy?

Check out "Refunds & Exchanges" in the drop down menu or go to:


How do I make sure I order the right size?

There is a size guide in the product page's description tabs! Please make to check the size guide as the fitting may vary. 

Most customers order a size up!

What are the shipping options?

For USA, all orders have free 2-5 business day shipping in our new US warehouse. International orders can range from 10 days to over a month depending on the country with COVID-19 restrictions. You'll see this information for your country at checkout before you pay! :)

Are they machine washable?

Yes, just try to do a cold water quick wash with little to no detergent if possible and machine dry after!

What if my doesn't my swimsuit work?

If your swimsuit comes and is not changing color when you put them under water, it is probably a temperature issue. Like we state in our instructions email, our swimwear change from above or below 82℉ to the opposite color, so it is important to get the products to the proper temperature for the change to occur.

If warming them up does not work by just putting them on, try throwing them in the dryer or pouring cold water on them, and following with a splash of hot water. 

Please do not hesitate to email us at shop@kameleonswim.com if you have any questions regarding the functionality of the swimsuits. 

What should I do if I never receive my order?

We rarely have issues with delivery, but if you do not receive your apparel within 6 weeks of ordering and or do not have a tracking number, please contact us and we can easily assist you in finding a solution.

How is the product made? 

Our trunks and bikinis are made from our signature heat-sensing fabric that allows for the swimsuit to dramatically change colors with changes in temperature, but also remain ultra durable for any activities.

How do I keep my swimsuits in good condition?

Avoid sun drying the swimsuits! Machine drying is the optimal way to dry the them as UV rays can be harmful if the swimsuit exposed for a long duration of time. Other than sun damage, our swimsuits are pretty darn sturdy!